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November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Thank you kindly for your constant interest in Merzbau! Only today after a random visit here I realized that there have been  more than 13000 visitors to this blog! Merzbau is over [at least for now] but this does not mean that I will bring it down. It will remain online for archival purposes.

There has been a return to the merzposting though. There is a new incarnation of this ongoing ‘effort’ that is called Llamarinth. This is a new journal of the weird and wonderful maintained by me and a very dear person to me, houdinismother. I am sure that Merzbau readers will find many things of interest there and they will not be disappointed.

I would be glad to see you and maybe hear from some of you over at Llamarinth!




street daDa

October 1, 2009 Leave a comment

neo daDA on the streets of Paris.

Leo & Pipo, check

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Itsuki Takashi + Coilhouse + Namio Harukawa

September 21, 2008 5 comments

Inconsistent blog reader that dmtls is, he missed a wonderful post on Trevor Brown’s baby art blog made a whole half year ago. This was the first featuring Itsuki Takashi’s Amputee Robot Doll Bondage series, followed shortly after by an informative post on the subject. Thankfully TB [given the interest in the former ones] made a new post today Amputee Robot Doll Bondage vol.2 of which Jahsonic informed me. Enjoy these amazing + perverse imagery.

Through the posts of TB and Jahsonic I made it to Coilhouse blog + magazine. I did not have the time to look around much but the first impression is more than rewarding. Their motto a love letter to alternate culture composed in an era when alternate culture no longer exists is intriguing and the whole project full of promises. dmtls rushed to buy one copy of the uncensored, printed 1st issue [available only online] and suggests that you give it also a try.

Finally in Merzbau inbox arrived notice of this publication:

CALLIPYGE by Harukawa Namio

Harukawa Namio is well known for his female domination drawings and Callipyge [from the Greek word καλλίπυγος, meaning the one with well-shaped buttocks] is the first official publication of his to be available outside Japan, from United Dead Artists publications [thank you very much for letting me know].

changes + erotic art blog

September 16, 2008 4 comments

There would probably be some radical changes in Merzbau. Most important one [although not yet finalized] is that there will be no shares anymore [certain special exceptions would probably apply]. I definitely want your opinion on that.

Meanwhile visit a great erotic art blog called @mateurdart surely much above average and highly recommended [found via jahsonic]

{selection from latest posts on @mateurdart}

take a walk at the galleries

May 19, 2008 1 comment

Due to the nature of my trip to and business in Athens apart from attending EMW I paid a visit to a variety of artists and galleries. The following selection is of the most interesting ones

Nikos Lytras in National Gallery

A great exhibition showcasing and documenting the work of Nikos Lytras who unfortunately died at a young age and left only a small body of work. What lacks though in volume it makes up in importance. One of the greats that is frequently ignored. On the brink of Greek modernism Nikos Lytras was a daring pioneer. From his portraits and nudes to his land and seascapes you can admire his full, fluid brush stroke, bearing strength and emotion, his stroke that was rejected at the time as dirty and filthy. A rare event of great importance.

Until 2th of June

Dafni Rokou in Astrolavos Gallery

With studies in photography and cinema Dafni Rokou has created about 30 pieces [varying sizes] using mixed technique, for her exhibition in Astrolavos gallery. This part of her work [unfortunately I am unfamiliar with her other projects or activities] is simply amazing. Dark, dusted, surreal, disturbing at times visions staged and executed in first phase [I presume] photographically. Greatly influenced by the Russian avant garde of the 20s, Rokou does very little to hide the cinematic feel her work evokes. Witkin is there [even Alan Tex] along with a variety of references and influences all creatively filtered and combined to form the amalgam of Dafni’s work. The concept and main inspiration for this unit of pieces are the undelivered letters and packages trapped forever within four Post Offices scattered around the globe, that closed on the same day on exactly the same time. Stories left untold, wishes that never reached their destinations. Hopes, fears, events, places and faces. I actually bought a piece at the exhibition [shown below], I wish I could afford more. I will try to get in touch with Dafni Rokou and get back to you with more on her and her art.

Until 24th of May.

Also [worth mentioning]:

Nansi Sousoula also at Astrolavos [until 24th of May] and Stelios Faitakis at The Breeder [Eumorfopoulou 6, Psirri, until 30th of May]

mannequin of the closed shutters

May 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Out and about on city streets. New camera in hand.

word from a friend / Satan bouche un coin

May 9, 2008 2 comments

Today I got an email from my friend Mr. Stereotype, who is now pursuing his musical interests a little more intensively [reach him also @ his Myspace page]. He included a link to what at first seemed an interesting and provocative [film] short. It did live up to my expectations but it also proved a rare surreal document.

It is falsely posted on Youtube simply as Satan while the whole title reads Satan bouche un coin. It was shot in 1968 in France. Directed by Jean-Pierre Bouyxou [Bouyxou was also the writer] and Raphaël Marongiu, my first thought while watching and knowing nothing about it [someone missed his Esotika Erotica Psychotica classes, I came by this entry only after having completed my post here] was, I can see Molinier and Aktionismus here. Well I couldn’t have been closer to the truth. Pierre Molinier is the mysterious androgynous figure of the picture. Surrealist photographer and pioneering body artist, whose ‘Bellmeric’ works are full of ambiguous eros and transgendered fetish visions. Scenes in the movie actually look like Bellmer lifeforms, while others like pieces from Muehl or Nitsch Aktion films. Kenneth Anger hints are eminent.

Images of death towards the end and the introducing along with the final scene of an ass give to the disturbed tale even more perverted twists [necrophilia and scatology (?)]. Necrophilic references [if any] may also be a wink to the alleged Molinier’s sexual intercourse with his dead sister [When Molinier’s sister died in 1918, he is alleged to have had sex with her corpse while left alone to photograph it. “‘Even dead, she was beautiful. I shot sperm on her stomach and legs, and onto the First Communion dress she was wearing. She took with her into death the best of me.”]. The accompanying lugubrious music is actually working in funny ways during the film, adding falsely joyous strokes making for an even more decadent feel. Transgressive and unsettling this piece of celluloid is an obscure shard of surrealism history and aesthetics.

Mr. Stereotype thank you very much for your great suggestions and recommendations and for your kind words about merzbau in your blog.

hint: check comments in Esotika Erotica Psychotica post