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November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Thank you kindly for your constant interest in Merzbau! Only today after a random visit here I realized that there have been  more than 13000 visitors to this blog! Merzbau is over [at least for now] but this does not mean that I will bring it down. It will remain online for archival purposes.

There has been a return to the merzposting though. There is a new incarnation of this ongoing ‘effort’ that is called Llamarinth. This is a new journal of the weird and wonderful maintained by me and a very dear person to me, houdinismother. I am sure that Merzbau readers will find many things of interest there and they will not be disappointed.

I would be glad to see you and maybe hear from some of you over at Llamarinth!




fun with nuns in town!

May 27, 2008 1 comment

Fun with Nuns on stage for another sonic assault, prepare!

31st of May @ Department Of Music Studies of A.U.T.H. university. Their act will be part of a Cage-ian Musicircus. No more info on other appearances, if you have any drop me a line.

EMW 08

May 22, 2008 2 comments

I got to Warehouse ‘Art Factory’, where the festival was held, on the first day at about six twenty [opening was arranged for six o’ clock sharp]. I felt that it was not a really great idea to attend the opening of the festival given the fact that I was not very interested in the first day’s programme. Unfortunately I had the right feeling. As soon as I got there, everyone was going up and down the place in fury trying to make the last checks, the last arrangements. Such things where to be expected but I was optimistic. It was about an hour+ later that we finally heard a sound. No announce, nothing. Someone from the organizing crew sat behind the console and kicked off the performance. Acousmatic [!] Music – International Selection read the programme and I expected to actually see the composers at work, not just their works performed. There was a constant coming and going along with chattering and laughter [that was a thing about all afternoons in the event] as if nothing was going on. It was far from ideal circumstances to listen to these acousmatic works which at least demanded attention. To be honest though I was not impressed by their quality. I left the place just in time to miss the opening speech, that would bore even more. End of day one.

Thursday. Having previous experience with Acousmatic Music – International Selection [at six also] I decided to go to the festival a little later to catch with Karlheinz Stockhausen feature starting at 19.30. It was about eight when I entered the ‘Art Factory’ and Acousmatic Music was still going strong! Stockhausen feature and the following …in 3 movements performance were mysteriously canceled/postponed [never to find out what actually happened]. Then there was uninspired video art for some ten more minutes and after that flute, saxophone, clarinet, electronics and video performance by Demetrius Spaneas. He was in my opinion overtheatrical in his moves but I enjoyed his set, probably because I was at last seeing something [see photos]

After that I was expecting one of the stand outs of the festival [in my opinion at least], Gerard Pape plays Gerard Pape. It was at this point that things started going seriously wrong. Pape was there but just to announce that due to a strike at the airport he was not able to get in time here to make a soundcheck and that he would play his set Friday evening [see photo]. This moment after, it became clear that Read more…

take a walk at the galleries

May 19, 2008 1 comment

Due to the nature of my trip to and business in Athens apart from attending EMW I paid a visit to a variety of artists and galleries. The following selection is of the most interesting ones

Nikos Lytras in National Gallery

A great exhibition showcasing and documenting the work of Nikos Lytras who unfortunately died at a young age and left only a small body of work. What lacks though in volume it makes up in importance. One of the greats that is frequently ignored. On the brink of Greek modernism Nikos Lytras was a daring pioneer. From his portraits and nudes to his land and seascapes you can admire his full, fluid brush stroke, bearing strength and emotion, his stroke that was rejected at the time as dirty and filthy. A rare event of great importance.

Until 2th of June

Dafni Rokou in Astrolavos Gallery

With studies in photography and cinema Dafni Rokou has created about 30 pieces [varying sizes] using mixed technique, for her exhibition in Astrolavos gallery. This part of her work [unfortunately I am unfamiliar with her other projects or activities] is simply amazing. Dark, dusted, surreal, disturbing at times visions staged and executed in first phase [I presume] photographically. Greatly influenced by the Russian avant garde of the 20s, Rokou does very little to hide the cinematic feel her work evokes. Witkin is there [even Alan Tex] along with a variety of references and influences all creatively filtered and combined to form the amalgam of Dafni’s work. The concept and main inspiration for this unit of pieces are the undelivered letters and packages trapped forever within four Post Offices scattered around the globe, that closed on the same day on exactly the same time. Stories left untold, wishes that never reached their destinations. Hopes, fears, events, places and faces. I actually bought a piece at the exhibition [shown below], I wish I could afford more. I will try to get in touch with Dafni Rokou and get back to you with more on her and her art.

Until 24th of May.

Also [worth mentioning]:

Nansi Sousoula also at Astrolavos [until 24th of May] and Stelios Faitakis at The Breeder [Eumorfopoulou 6, Psirri, until 30th of May]

back from Athens

May 18, 2008 1 comment

Back from Athens and ΕMW 08. New music in my collection. New issue of Wire.

Now writing a couple of more specific posts, the one being a report of my experience of EMW. There will be photos and videos [!].

There will also be a nice share to accompany reading.

P.S. [irrelevant] I must complete my Berlin reports. It is just about time I think. dmtls is [also] a procrastinator.

ElectroMediaWorks 08 [it happens now]

May 9, 2008 2 comments

ElectroMediaWorks 08 is open to anyone interested in the theory, technology, philosophy and practices of mixed media arts in today’s state-of-the-art cultural landscape.

Medea Electronique, CMCP (Center for Music Composition and Performance) and EPHMEE (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, Music Dept. Ionian University) co organize an intensive program over five days and nights, presenting international shows and productions featuring innovative media art, electronic music and cross-over work performed by musicians, video artists and sonic artists.

ElectroMediaWorks ’08 is hosted in an 1800 square meter industrial space in down town Athens. A full 16-channel sound diffusion system will be installed for electroacoustic and live electronic music performance, with a 5.1 surround system for video art installations.

Yes it is final, tickets issued. I am off to Athens next week for ElectroMediaWorks festival [?], a great concept, a major event, for free [!] in a wide abandoned factory space [it couldn’t have been more suitable]. Five days of cutting edge avant-garde in the heart of Athens, in the heart of May. dmtls will be there on the first three days only [unfortunately], that makes for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Any friends or readers of merzbau also attending are strongly urged to come in contact.

Berlin museums + museum shops, part 1

May 6, 2008 Leave a comment

The title may sound a little strange but museum shop is in many cases the place to make some wonderful discoveries of special editions and more.

Starting and proceeding chronologically

Neue Nationalgalerie

Within the area of Kulturforum, close to Potsdamer Platz and Sony Center, Neue Nationalgalerie […the famous “temple of light and glass” designed by Mies van der Rohe…] was my first museum experience in Berlin, a city with dense museum network. Now on exhibition the new collection where everyone and everything in modern art from Kokoschka to contemporary abstract art, through the likes of Dix [his was some of the best pieces in the collection], Schwitters and others, has its place. Divided in art movements Neue galerie is a sure call for modern art lovers.

Museum shop: Alphabetically arranged monographs and a nice selection of art books plus the ordinary museum paraphernalia. Outside the main shop’s space there are two tables stocked with sale items, but be warned that some of these titles are available elsewhere even cheaper.

Pergamonmuseum [Museumsinsel, first take]

Inside Pergamonmuseum lies an amazing collection of antiquities [a part of this collection is housed in Altes Museum] many of them of Greek origin [finds from excavations in Olympia, Samos, Pergamon, Miletus, Priene, Magnesia, Cyprus and Didyma]. Inside museum’s halls visitor can admire the world renowned magnificently opulent structure of Pergamon Altar as well as a really big collection of Classic, Hellenistic, Roman and late Roman antiquities. Two more collections of great interest and importance found within Pergamonmuseum are the Islamic Art and the Ancient Near East one.

Museum shop: Many books covering the thematic of the museum and its collections can be found in its shop. Unfortunately the majority of them, including some not-permanent exhibitions’ catalogues, are only available in German. There is a rather big collection of jewelry also in the shop and here you can find the perfect gift for many occasions.



Housed in Charité [the largest university hospital in Europe] hospital complex, Medizinhistorisches museum is a thrilling and strange experience. More than one collections were on display, but I am unsure which of them where running exhibitions and which of them permanent. One that was [almost] for sure ongoing was a showcase of face casts presenting a variety of optical and dermatic [always concerning face] pathologies. Another that was quite haunting was a selection of medical cases spanning the last 3 or 4 centuries, presented in text along with any relating instruments of each time and a handful of personal belongings of the suffering person. Given the fact that all of them were tormented and dead, I couldn’t help but remember John Saul’s Blackstone Chronicles. The view from a nearby window was Psychiatric Clinic, as the label next to it read.

The core of the museum is the medical collection of deformities, curiosities, damaged internal organs, sick skin, dead foetuses and so on preserved in formaldehyde [?], exhibited in a big hall. Part of this collection is an awe-inspiring megacolon, stored in a huge jar. The day we visited the museum was bleak and rainy. Searching for the hospital bookstore [we didn’t find one, probably misinformed] we ended up taking a walk in the hospital gardens between and around buildings and clinics. Everything was unnaturally still and quiet, and probably somewhat unsettling.

This visit was a mind-altering experience highly recommended to anyone interested in medical history and/or medical curiosities. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Museum shop: Much to my disappointment [although probably expected] there was just a rudimentary [book]shop featuring a handful of titles, only in German. One or two seemed interesting to my non expert eyes. If anyone knows of any catalogue of this museum’s collection [or similar books, except from the Phantom Museum and a couple of editions on Mutter museum] please leave a comment or send an email.


more on Berlin museums soon

dmtls reporting from Berlin part 2.