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November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Thank you kindly for your constant interest in Merzbau! Only today after a random visit here I realized that there have been  more than 13000 visitors to this blog! Merzbau is over [at least for now] but this does not mean that I will bring it down. It will remain online for archival purposes.

There has been a return to the merzposting though. There is a new incarnation of this ongoing ‘effort’ that is called Llamarinth. This is a new journal of the weird and wonderful maintained by me and a very dear person to me, houdinismother. I am sure that Merzbau readers will find many things of interest there and they will not be disappointed.

I would be glad to see you and maybe hear from some of you over at Llamarinth!




Itsuki Takashi + Coilhouse + Namio Harukawa

September 21, 2008 5 comments

Inconsistent blog reader that dmtls is, he missed a wonderful post on Trevor Brown’s baby art blog made a whole half year ago. This was the first featuring Itsuki Takashi’s Amputee Robot Doll Bondage series, followed shortly after by an informative post on the subject. Thankfully TB [given the interest in the former ones] made a new post today Amputee Robot Doll Bondage vol.2 of which Jahsonic informed me. Enjoy these amazing + perverse imagery.

Through the posts of TB and Jahsonic I made it to Coilhouse blog + magazine. I did not have the time to look around much but the first impression is more than rewarding. Their motto a love letter to alternate culture composed in an era when alternate culture no longer exists is intriguing and the whole project full of promises. dmtls rushed to buy one copy of the uncensored, printed 1st issue [available only online] and suggests that you give it also a try.

Finally in Merzbau inbox arrived notice of this publication:

CALLIPYGE by Harukawa Namio

Harukawa Namio is well known for his female domination drawings and Callipyge [from the Greek word καλλίπυγος, meaning the one with well-shaped buttocks] is the first official publication of his to be available outside Japan, from United Dead Artists publications [thank you very much for letting me know].

Joel-Peter Witkin – L’image indélébile (1994)

March 23, 2008 1 comment

A portrait of American photographer Joel-Peter Witkin at last presented as a whole [all the 56 minutes]

Check also Witkin’s part in Vile Bodies series [1 /2]

and also former merz post on the subject

Mia Mäkilä [or The last tune that Mozart ever heard]

December 27, 2007 2 comments

On her site she talks about herself and the only thing left for me to do is to sit and read.

I paint my demons. I paint nightmares. To get rid of them. I paint my fears. I paint my sorrow. To deal with them. The motifs of my artworks are scary and macabre, but they also have a dark sense of humour.The paintings and collages are my poems, my diary notes and they are very close to my heart.

I adore painters from the 14th century, such as Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the elder and Lucas Cranach. But my biggest influence comes from movie directors such as David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman, Michael Haneke, Terry Gilliam, John Waters and Tim Burton. I think you can see that in my artworks. They have a very cinematic quality sometimes.

I want to have an impact on people. I want to seduce them with my vampires and demons. I try to find different forms of beauty and try to destroy the classical meaning of what beauty is.

Mia Mäkilä

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La Bouche (The Mouth), by George Bataille [+Abattoir Angel]

December 23, 2007 1 comment

Now reading.

La Bouche

Quote: “The mouth is the beginning or, if one prefers, the prow of animals; in the most characteristic cases, it is the most living part, in other words, the most terrifying for neighbouring animals. But man does not have a simple architecture like the beasts, and it is not even possible to say where he begins. In a strict sense, he starts at the top of the skull, but the top of the skull is an insignificant part, incapable of attracting attention and it is the eyes or the forehead the play the significatory role of an animal’s jaws.”

“Among civilized men, the mouth has even lost the relatively prominent character that it still has among primitive men. However, the violent meaning of the mouth is conserved in a latent state: it suddenly regains the upper hand with a literally cannibalistic expression such as mouth of fire, applied to the cannons men employ to kill each other. And on important occasions human life is still bestially concentrated in the mouth: fury makes men grind their teeth, terror and atrocious suffering transform the mouth into the organ of rending screams. On this subject it is easy to observe that the overwhelmed individual throws back his head while frenetically stretching his neck so that the mouth becomes, as far as possible, a prolongation of the spinal column, in other words, it assumes the position in normally occupies in the constitution of animals. As if explosive impulses were to spurt directly out of the body through the mouth, in the form of screams. This fact simultaneously highlights the importance of the mouth in animal physiology or even psychology, and the general importance of the superior or anterior extremity of the body, the orifice of profound physical impulses: equally one sees that a man is able to liberate these impulses in at least two different ways, in the brain or in the mouth, but that as soon as these impulses become violent, he is obliged to resort to the bestial method of liberation. Whence the narrow constipation of a strictly human attitude, the magisterial look of the face with a closed mouth, as beautiful as a safe.”

Text: the Critical Dictionary entry, La Bouche (The Mouth), by George Bataille, as published in the journal Documents c 1930.

More on Bataille and Bacon connection here .

Entry via newly discovered great blog, the nonist. Blogroll updated.


Abattoir Angel

Francis Bacon photo shoot by John Deakin for Vogue magazine

“Man is the animal whose nature has not yet been fixed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Hermann Nitsch, 6 Tage Spiel – Das Orgien Mysterien Theater. Day 3: Day of Dionysus (Excerpt) 1998

December 4, 2007 Leave a comment


“A psychoanalytically-oriented dramaturgy allows the Dionysian to burst forth from within us. Suppressed areas of inner impulses are made visible. The actions with flesh, blood and slaughtered animals plumb the collective areas of our unconscious minds. The paramount aim and purpose of the festival is a profound affirmation of our existence, our life and our creation. The mysticism of being leads to a permanent festival of life. [Š] All are invited to drink. A mass intoxication is imperative, an all-embracing intoxication of the participants is ordained, unrestrained drinking takes place, day and night, in vineyards and cellars. Slaughter of a pig. GRAPES, FRUIT and TOMATOES, ANIMAL LUNGS, FLESH and INTESTINES are trampled on in ecstasy. People trample in SLAUGHTERED ANIMAL CARCASSES FILLED WITH INTESTINES, in troughs full of blood and wine. Extreme noise from the orchestras. Slaughtering of the bull, slaughtering of two pigs. Disembowelment.” – Nitsch, Das Orgien Mysterien Theater

Direct Download from UbuWeb

presented also here

WARNING: proceed with caution. definitely not for the faint hearted

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[part of] Joel-Peter Witkin – L'image indélébile (1994)

December 2, 2007 1 comment

A portrait of American photographer Joel-Peter Witkin. Unfortunately incomplete, only ~16 min out of original 52, in two parts on youtube [part 1/2]. Appears to be part of bigger project called LE CORPS SUBLIMÉ.The only info I could find was in French. I am very interested in this particular documentary. If anyone can help me locate this film I would be really grateful. Anyone who has any info on how to obtain a copy of L’image indélébile or the whole Le Corps Sublimé please leave a comment or send me an email.

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