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the silver wizard project

June 3, 2010 Leave a comment

aaaah the sudden urge to share again

lately mr dmtls became aware of a wonderful thing called bandcamp, a place to share music. there in the mud lies a great deal of gems [polished and of the other kind] waiting..

here is a song by the silver wizard project that caught my attention about 10′ ago and I felt I had to share.

I would go as far as to call it catchy and bloody hell this exaclty what it is. Dirty psych indie, post punkish with a flavour of folk instrumentation, female vocals and voila. Give it a spin and don’t be surprised if you do it again. The rest of the EP [?] is a more conventional psych folkish product not sure if it stands from the lot.

P.S. Do I hear electrelane?

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Moanin' at Midnight

January 21, 2008 9 comments

It’s been 10 days since last post. Days passing. More reading needed. Nothing on tv [as always], no interest for most things. No meaning. A period of long days and nights, just breathing stale air. Got to get out of it soon.

Got Ornette’s Of Human Feelings a couple of days ago. I was blown out. Until last Tuesday I had the strong belief that free-jazz/funk was not the thing for me. Of Human Feelings proved that I was wrong. For sure not an average pick from the lot, it is a great release, maybe one of the greatest in this genre. Not having heard that much of it, I am sure Ornette came up with a milestone [of all his work in similar vein this is the most highly praised]. A beautiful cover, Japanese only release [at least on cd, to my best knowledge] and full of energy. “All killer no filler”. It may be a little expensive to get hold of but it worths it.

Nefertiti by Miles Davis is another cd for the days past. ‘The fourth and final all-acoustic studio installment from the famed mid- to late- 60s Miles Davis Quintet [Davis, Shorter, Hancock, Carter, Williams]’. All music on Nefertiti was composed by others than Miles, but every single tune bears the sign of his mastership. Buy it for Fall [Wayne Shorter] alone.

Two more were Live Evil [electric Miles] and Brotzmann’s solo Nothing to Say. Still not listened to first properly. The last one sounding a little bland, I dare to say. Yes it ‘masculine, it is ‘brutal’ but on the first spins I had the feeling of ‘I know this, I have heard it before’. Maybe it is the first impression, maybe not. Surely of a high standard and faithful to the European flavored free music of FMP, not at all a bad record, not also that ‘revolutionary’ though.

It is over two weeks now I have a closed envelope containing a cd that arrived from ebay. That is a record for me. Not a cd still sealed left untouched, not another cd left unheard but a cd still in the envelope it came within. Having already achieved a cult status, I plan to open it on a special occasion.

Not reading books. Just browsing magazines.

Only one film seen. Flic Story, Alain Delon and Jean-Louis Trintignant. A classic French crime/drama/gangster film. I have a soft spot for these movies and this one did not disappoint me at all. Great atmosphere and a swinging Bolling score.

Waiting for more mail to arrive. My only joy for the time being.

Oh and two more songs. Obscure, dirty and simply amazing. Late 70s post-punk to hit the dance floor. Hear and enjoy. [found in Mutant Sounds archives].

Taken both from 7″s. No info about DNV. Quads formed in 1978 in Birmingham,UK. Their single, There Must be Thousands is one of the 140 favourite records, which the great John Peel carried around with him in a box. Nothing more to add.

DNV – Death in Venice

Quads – UFO

P.S. Go and get Sebastian Gandera’s cassette “Un Soir…” over@ continuo’s blog. If you are in or close to the mood of this post’s first two lines it will serve as a fitting soundtrack, especially a favourite from it, Un Soir… II .

P.S.2 Also do not forget to check Salah Ragab’s – Latino in Cairo . Perfect afterplay, following long synth-melancholy sessions like Un Soir [found via orgy in rhythm].

Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio [KTMK] / Radiopuhelimet

December 8, 2007 4 comments


Earlier in the morning there was a sonic blast from Finland at merzbau HQ. It was Musta Lakana by Radiopuhelimet’s latest album. All roaring and swinging. Then came Radiopuhelimet’s website filled with everything you may need to know about them and with a full album [Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio’s 666] for free download. Post-punk, hardcore, noise rock, arctic funk whatever you may call this, it deserves a listen.

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