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stereotype is the man

June 3, 2010 1 comment

enjoy his latest effort

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new updates soon

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

sorting out old posts and importing from archives

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the return

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

it’s been a while I’ve been itching for a return. after having the original >dmtls Merzbau deleted for a mysterious reason here I will try to collect and rearrange pieces from this project and other short lived ones and go on. I found inspiration for this new start in Shannon Larratt’s blog [+] and his steady presence online after years and years, a whole life through his writings.


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Anniversary post [almost]

June 4, 2008 5 comments

Long time no see.

Well I was not in the mood for much writing, nothing special.

Through this post I want to thank you all for ‘my’ first 100.000 visits [I missed the anniversary post by a 1000] from almost all over the world. A year and about two months ago when merzbau went online these numbers were simply out of question. Many things changed for better or for worse since last April, time will tell what the future of dmtls merzbau will be. Thank you all for your kind support and for making this a truly magnificent experience. Merzbau was, is and will continue [hopefully] as a vehicle for inspiration and pleasure.

Once more thank you.


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polka dot cod propaganda material [trade/sell page update]

May 22, 2008 Leave a comment

More goodies in the basket. 20 new additions in Trade/Sell page. Some little treasure to be found. Rare Coil, signed Death In June, Depeche Mode bootleg +more.

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take a walk at the galleries

May 19, 2008 1 comment

Due to the nature of my trip to and business in Athens apart from attending EMW I paid a visit to a variety of artists and galleries. The following selection is of the most interesting ones

Nikos Lytras in National Gallery

A great exhibition showcasing and documenting the work of Nikos Lytras who unfortunately died at a young age and left only a small body of work. What lacks though in volume it makes up in importance. One of the greats that is frequently ignored. On the brink of Greek modernism Nikos Lytras was a daring pioneer. From his portraits and nudes to his land and seascapes you can admire his full, fluid brush stroke, bearing strength and emotion, his stroke that was rejected at the time as dirty and filthy. A rare event of great importance.

Until 2th of June

Dafni Rokou in Astrolavos Gallery

With studies in photography and cinema Dafni Rokou has created about 30 pieces [varying sizes] using mixed technique, for her exhibition in Astrolavos gallery. This part of her work [unfortunately I am unfamiliar with her other projects or activities] is simply amazing. Dark, dusted, surreal, disturbing at times visions staged and executed in first phase [I presume] photographically. Greatly influenced by the Russian avant garde of the 20s, Rokou does very little to hide the cinematic feel her work evokes. Witkin is there [even Alan Tex] along with a variety of references and influences all creatively filtered and combined to form the amalgam of Dafni’s work. The concept and main inspiration for this unit of pieces are the undelivered letters and packages trapped forever within four Post Offices scattered around the globe, that closed on the same day on exactly the same time. Stories left untold, wishes that never reached their destinations. Hopes, fears, events, places and faces. I actually bought a piece at the exhibition [shown below], I wish I could afford more. I will try to get in touch with Dafni Rokou and get back to you with more on her and her art.

Until 24th of May.

Also [worth mentioning]:

Nansi Sousoula also at Astrolavos [until 24th of May] and Stelios Faitakis at The Breeder [Eumorfopoulou 6, Psirri, until 30th of May]

Drawings on Writing

May 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Advertised under the slogan 100% text, 99% illegible the book Drawings on Writing edited by Serge Onnen, seems really promising. Recently published [Spring 2008] immediately entered dmtls future shopping list.

Take a look at the dedicated website.